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Our offer is designed to provide unique and high-value information on scientific projects. A5 Science, as a young innovative company specialized in nanoscale research and development, offers a service dedicated to atomic force microscopy and the study of mechanobiology. Topographical observations and indentation measurements performed at the nanometer scale document the mechanisms of mechanotransduction of biological objects.

A5 afm lab services

We offer a comprehensive scientific analysis, outsourced and independent, which begins with a discovery and exchange step to establish the problematics of your research project. We conduct the bibliographic and experimental studies required to develop unique and adapted protocols that aim to provide evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of your product or process. The observations and analyses carried out by atomic force microscopy are then performed in the laboratory by our team, and the data are also processed, formatted, and exploited according to the needs and presented in the form of a scientific report that details our protocols, the measured results, and our interpretations or recommendations.

AFM problematics
Contract and planning
Protocol design and development
Measurements and acquisitions
Digital analysis and processing

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A5 Science is committed to provide the high-quality scientific research services, relying on unique expertise, rare technological capabilities, and a network of institutional partners. Our goal is to help you to achieve your scientific and technological research and development objectives.

Our French scientific partners

Research Laboratory :

  • Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS-CNRS): In this Toulouse-based laboratory, research is conducted at the interface between Micro and Nanotechnologies, biology, biophysics, and medical applications. The objective of the engineering teams for life sciences is to develop innovative technologies for the study of bio-interfaces that allow for a better understanding of the organization of biomolecules and cells forming biological tissues.

Biotechnology company:

  • Synthelis: Thanks to its proprietary “Cell-Free” expression technology, this reference company produces all types of proteins of interest for applications in health, diagnosis, environment, and agri-food. Once produced, these proteins undergo various tests and controls to validate their activity and integrity. Our collaboration with Synthelis aims to establish new protocols that will complement and strengthen the quality control of protein structures at the nanometric scale.

The different microscopes used by A5 Science

Nanowizard 3 (Bruker, JPK)

Nanowizard 4 (Bruker, JPK)

Edu-AFM (Thorlabs)

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Our internal Research program is focused on life science observation and characterization at nanoscale with AFM in liquids. You can find more details about our past analysis and current projects on this page and view how we explore the biological surfaces with our technology.