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    “Innovation at the edge of the probe”

Our team uses Atomic Force Microscopy to explore surfaces properties at nanoscale level in liquid conditions on biological particles.

A5 Science Atomic Force Microscope Lab Service

What we Do

A5 Science

Atomic Force Microscopy conducted at nanoscale level on single molecules allows high quality imaging and biological interpretation for Life Science analysis. A5 science aims to provide quantitative biomechanical observations for every biological surface. With our expertise on AFM and Life science, we can record unique images and data set to provide concept validation or certification for your product.


AFM applied to Life Science


Highly qualified team with academic supports

A5 Science illustration 3D map for AFM analysis

AFM as Service

We provide rare experimental designs and protocols for AFM used in Life Science compatible mode. We want to make AFM suitable for your product.

Biological Interpretation

AFM data sets have to be processed before production of results and figures, our experts convert raw data into scientific interpretation in regard to literature in order to provide reports and specific dedicated review.

Imaging in liquids

Nanomechanical measurements are performed on biological samples in physiological environment without any denaturation step : soft immobilization is used. AFM is also executed in liquids with controlled temperature and gas.

Data to evidence

A5 Science can afford a complete range of analysis for your project from 3D topographic images to statistical studies of Biomechanical parameters alteration.


AFM dedicated to your discoveries

Atomic Force Microscopy is an advanced observation technique based on the capacity to physically approach the surface sample. AFM provides high-resolution topographic images and sensitive force measurements recorded with a local probe at the surface of the biological samples.


Nanoscale resolution


Living sample compatible


Advanced imaging and Biomechanical data


Single molecule force spectroscopy available

Nanoscale exploration offers rare measurements

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AFM provides a new range of information such as :

  • Measurements of the thickness, roughness, adhesion and elasticity of the sample surface without any denaturation step
  • Topography and architecture analysis of biofilm deposit on specific coated surface
  • Structural studies on Proteins with transmembrane domain validation
  • Cell Cell adhesion approach to quantify interaction forces between Life Particles
  • Investigation of action mechanisms of drug molecules

Our experiments are Life Science friendly and are conducted on a large panel of materials.

Meet our scientists

Arthur Gaveau

Arthur Gaveau

PhD, Biotechnology

Chief Executive Officer

Veronique Lachaize

Veronique Lachaize

PhD, Biology and Health

Chief Scientific Officer

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Clients and partnership programs 

We work with industries, laboratories and academics

If your projects need a concept validation or a statistical certification, A5 Science experts carry out Atomic Force Microscopy to offer a specialized and customized analysis to our clients based in the EU and other parts of the world. We perform dedicated analysis designed by our team that match every biological or medical requirements. We work for Biotechnology industrials, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Health, Agri-food or every project using the power of Life Science to help them to better understand the key role of Biological structures at nanoscale level.


100% Confidentiality Guarantee


Independent Research Company

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We are ready to discuss about your dedicated project and explore the surface of your sample.

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Our internal Research program is focused on life science observation and characterization at nanoscale with AFM in liquids. You can find more details about our past analysis and current projects on this page and view how we explore the biological surfaces with our technology.